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Billionaire Sergeant

As a police officer, will you value your integrity, and bring the corrupt syndicate to justice, or will you escape the law with your ill-gotten funds?

Human nature

You can never trust anyone in this game.

In Billionaire Sergeant, you have to struggle what humanity would you give up in order to win:

Justice has already failed you, would you still serve the public and do your work?

Or just abuse your authority, take as many as bribes to flee and let your homeland burn? 

Police simulation

Be a police and do your duties.

Billionaire Sergeant is about the corruption of HK Police in the 1960 - 70s.

The game rules are based on how police officers conduct investigations against crime: Drug abuse, Gambling, Prostitution and Triad.

By searching for leads, photographing suspicious activities, calling for actions and arresting suspects, you can insert or remove such evidence collected from the investigation and affect the subsequent trial.


History learning

Learn more about Hong Kong history.

Billionaire Sergeant is also inspired by a series of historical events happened in Hong Kong which is continuously deleted by our government now.

Most of the Hongkonger don't know the detail of such history and the younger would not remember it soon. 

We have selected more than 10 significant events happened in that period of time for the card illustration and we will give a full description in the rulebook. We hope that people can learn what happened in Hong Kong.


Billionaire sergeant-1974

In expansion 1974, a whole new department Independent Commission Against Corruption, ICAC was finally established. The government granted you a great power against corruption. Will you commit to fighting corruption and help to keep Hong Kong fair, just, stable and prosperous? Or will you be a vigilante to achieve your goals no matter it costs?

Expansion 1974 has a new mechanics developed. Players are allowed to give their Report token on their own will.


New identity, ICAC agent is added with a new winning condition but this can only be achieved by team effort.


Game Walk-through

English walk-through

Chinese walk-through


Click below for rulebook in Chinese, English or Japanese version.

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